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Streamwood, Illinois 60107

Phone: 630.837.5200

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PO Box 545
Streamwood, IL 60107

Community Information
  • US and Illinois Elected Officials for Streamwood
    Government in Streamwood
    The federal and state level legislators for Streamwood are:

    U.S. Illinois Senators
    Richard Durbin, Democrat 312-353-4952, 202-224-2152
    Mark Kirk, Republican 312-886-3506, 202-224-2854

    U.S. Representative
    Tammy Duckworth, Democrat 847-413-1959

    Illinois State Governor
    Pat Quinn 312-814-2121 217-782-0244

    Illinois State Representatives
    Fred Crespo, Democrat 630-372-3340
  • Hanover Township
    The population of Hanover Township is over 85,000. 99% of Streamwood residents live within its boundaries.

    Visit the Hanover Township website!
  • Village of Streamwood
    Streamwood has a thriving business community that expands on a daily basis. The Village provides a nurturing environment for all businesses including a large number of small and home-based entrepreneurial companies offering an extensive variety of services and products. Streamwood is the chosen location for several large manufacturers and nationwide store chains that make living near work and shopping possible and very convenient for our residents.
    Click here for the Village of Streamwood website
  • Streamwood Park Distict
    An award-winning park district formed in 1966, the Streamwood Park District offers parks, recreation facilities and programs that improve the quality of life for people of all ages.

    Visit their website!
  • Poplar Creek Library
    Visit their website here!
  • Senior Links
    Social Security Administration
    American Association of Retired People
    Hanover Township
  • Transportation
  • Information Links
  • Education
    School District U-46
    High School District 211
    Elementary School District 54
    Harper College
    Roosevelt University
    Elgin Community College
  • Illinois State Department of Motor Vehicles
    Follow this link to a wealth of resources and rules of the road from the State DMV.
    -Driver's handbook in several languages.
    -Bicycle Safety
    -Yielding to Emergency Vehicles, Construction Workers and Funeral Processions

    and much more!
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